Get a strategic view of the market as a whole, and then tailor your messaging and targeting

Customer Segmentation

Identify distinct groups of customers with common characteristics so you can strategically plan which groups to target and how to meet their needs.  

Comms Testing

Ensure your messaging is clear, concise and compelling. You may be in the early stages of drafting your comms, need feedback on tone of voice, want to test what customers actually retain, or need to measure its impact.


Customers' time and attention is precious. Make the most of it by laser-targeting comms through Machine Learning techniques. When you consistently show your customers you understand their needs you will build trust and engagement.

Predict Customer Behaviour

By modelling customer behaviour, it's possible to predict which will be most likely to sign up, purchase particular products, and which might lapse. We use probabilistic modelling techniques so you can focus your resources most effectively.

Boost Cross-Sell

Identify which products or content are frequently viewed or bought together so you can suggest relevant suggestions to customers or create product bundles.