Automatically predict values or categorise your data using the power of machine learning

Machine Learning is a subset of AI which focuses on ‘training’ a mathematical model to make accurate predictions or decisions when it encounters data it hasn’t seen before

Also known as ‘Predictive Analytics’, machine learning has a wide variety of automated applications:

  • Make numerical predictions (e.g. customer value, satisfaction)

  • Make categorical predictions (e.g. will lapse vs. won’t lapse)

  • Categorise text (e.g. by theme or positive vs negative sentiment)

  • Recognise objects, faces, products etc. in images and video

  • Mapping sequential inputs to outputs (e.g. time-series modelling, language-modelling, speech recognition, machine translation)

Furthermore, once the model has been trained, we can often take a peek under the hood to understand the importance of the inputs in contributing to the resulting predictions or decisions.

This is significant, as it helps to identify the key areas to focus your attention to improve outcomes.