Combine the interpretive abilities of humans with the pattern spotting capabilities of machine learning

Quant Research

Full service research service including bespoke design, sampling, full analysis and reporting:

  • Concept Testing

  • Market Sizing

  • Usage and Attitudes

  • Comms Testing

  • Customer Satisfaction

Qualitative Research

Get the broader context by exploring customers' lives, circumstances, needs, opinions and experiences:

  • Depth Interviews by telephone, webcam or face to face

  • Online discussions

Find hidden patterns and relationships

We use exploratory machine learning algorithms to understand similarities and differences between customers, underpinning strategic thinking and supercharging targeting :

  • Segmentation and Clustering

  • Association Analysis

  • Recommendation Engines

  • Outlier detection


Text Analytics

Save huge amounts of time by extracting key headlines from data so you can focus on implementing findings quicker:

  • Keyword extraction

  • Auto-summarisation

  • Auto-classification

  • Topics and themes

  • Sentiment detection


Model and Predict Customer Behaviours

We train machine learning and deep learning models so that they generalise to new data, enabling you to predict each customers':

  • Behaviours

  • Purchase intent

  • Likelihood to churn

  • Value


UX Research

Ensure your products are exciting, intuitive and seamlessly fulfil your users objectives, as well as your own:

  • Concept development

  • UX testing

  • Eye-Tracking